How do you use Taste With Colour?

Taste With Colour is a simple and approachable tool that everybody can use!

1. Simply place a piece of craft chocolate on your tongue. Do not chew!

2. As the chocolate slowly melts, see what colours come to your mind.

3. Go to the corresponding coloured areas on the map to see the flavours associated with those colours. Seeing the different notes on the map will then prompt you to identify the flavours that you are experiencing.

4. Repeat with your next piece of chocolate!

For example, if I see a dark red or burgundy colour when I am tasting a piece of chocolate, I head to this coloured area of the map. I see the various flavours associated with this colour (dried cherries, prunes, fig, red wine) and they help me to find the specific flavour that I am tasting (ah - it’s fig!).

Sometimes people use Taste With Colour to simply point to the areas of the map that resonate with them when tasting chocolate. For those that can identify specific notes immediately, they can use the different colours as inspiration for finding additional nuances.

Identifying notes of lemon and prune in my homemade 70% Anamalai, India bean to bar chocolate

Taste With Colour for Industry Professionals

Taste With Colour is used by chocolate industry professionals throughout the cocoa supply chain and across the world. Taste With Colour is used to:

- Develop roasting profiles.
- Identify flavour notes in chocolate throughout the chocolate making process.
- Support packaging design to reflect the flavour notes and tasting experience.
Assist with judging chocolate awards.
- Simplify chocolate tasting and facilitate tasting events.
- Deepen overall consumer understanding and appreciation of craft chocolate.
- Promote sales by increasing the consumer understanding of craft chocolate and making tasting more approachable.

Taste With Colour is a universal language to connect maker and consumer.

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Identifying flavours fresh from the machine at the Chocolate Tree Factory, Scotland

Taste With Colour for Other Foods and Drinks

Taste With Colour can also be used for tasting other foods and drinks. The concept is the same: simply close your eyes while tasting, experience the flavour sensations, see what colours come to your mind and then head to those areas of the map to find your flavour notes!

Taste With Colour Complementing a Speciality Coffee Tasting