"This Chocolate Tasting Flavour Map is such a great resource for exploring chocolate flavour. Sometimes you taste something and you just can't quite put your finger on the words to name it. Not only is this a beautiful piece of art, it's a great resource for your chocolate tasting!"

- Ecole Chocolat, Professional School of Chocolate Arts

"This colour map is amazing. It is not the least uncommon for us to have tasters whose second language is English. We had two who were somewhat intimidated because they were having trouble verbalizing what they were experiencing with our first chocolate. I handed them the colour map and that brought instant big smiles. Not only were they able to recognise some of the words but the colours of the flavours really resonated with them and they could join the rest of us by simply pointing to areas of the map. Personally I think it's the best chart there is. Thank you Hazel!"

- Enchanted Chocolate Bean, Fine Chocolate Tastings

"The talented Hazel Lee has come up with one of the best tools around to recognise the tasting note in chocolate. You don't need to have already the words in your mind. If you can't express a flavour with words, but you can associate a colour to it, you can grab this map and check what flavours are associated with that color. Then choose the best option you think is right. How cool is this? I honestly think this map is much more useful than your usual flavor wheel. Thanks to the color association, this tool is a step ahead in connecting palate, brain and words. I feel like we are all going to learn a lot from this!"

- Sharon Terenzi, The Chocolate Journalist

Taste With Colour in the Baiani Chocolate Factory, Sao Paulo

I consider this map the most "smart" and usable, even for early tasters.
Is it not true that when you taste, that fruity, floral, spicy or "who-knows" note translates into a visual association in your mind? Well, this map is especially useful to start viewing the tasting towards an area of a certain colour and moving to another, associated with other colours—and flavours!
It does not require a laborious mental process and greatly facilitates the tasting of a complex food that evolves in different temporal aromatic phases such as great chocolate.

- Antonella Tromba, Food Scientist and Fine Chocolate Writer