Tasting & Painting Workshops

Discover the power of the paintbrush and see how painting can take your tasting experience to another level!

Like Taste With Colour, tasting and painting workshops are for consumers and industry professionals alike. You will be guided to paint the colours, shapes, patterns and images that come to your mind while tasting chocolate. You won't believe how much you will discover from a square of chocolate via the medium of painting!

The workshops are designed to be fun and lighthearted yet insightful and empowering. Hazel's approach to chocolate tasting is open and inclusive. Everybody has their individual flavour libraries that they have built up over their lifetime, so everyone's flavour expressions will be unique! No painting experience is required.

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Participants using their nose, eyes and ears to taste in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Taste With Colour workshop with the Academy of Chocolate, London

For Consumers

Discover more from craft chocolate with a fun and interactive tasting and painting workshop using Taste With Colour!

Hazel will guide you throughout this multi-sensory experience.
- Learn how taste chocolate using all five senses.
- Discover more flavours from your chocolate than you ever have before.
- Have fun seeing where the chocolate and paintbrush take you on this tasting journey!

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"The Taste With Colour workshop by Hazel was simply a joy! What a fun way to get to know more about chocolate tasting, "listen" to your own palate and "paint" the tasting notes. Hazel carries such a positive energy and makes everyone feel so relaxed and comfortable to speak up, and share their own tasting notes and opinions."
- Cherrie Lo, That Chocolate Girl

Tasting & Painting Workshop at The Northwest Chocolate Festival, Seattle

For Industry Professionals

What do flavour notes mean? What do they mean to your customers? How do you communicate flavour notes with your customers?

- Enjoy an exploratory discussion on flavours notes.
- Discover this fun and easy tasting technique to then teach to your team and your customers!
- Build a common language with between producer and consumer.
- Enhance your packaging designs to truly reflect the tasting experience of your chocolate.

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 "You did a fantastic job! The people at my table appreciated the tool and talked about how they might use it. Your presentation was right on and you brought a professional, yet warm, presence as a session leader. Congratulations!"
- Maya Townsend, Northwest Chocolate Festival UnConference Facilitator

The beautiful paintings expressing the flavours of Chocolate Tree's 70% Madagascar

 A sneak peak at your future Taste With Colour workshop...

Thanks Helen Lopez for the video!